Thursday, May 26, 2011

Full Time Job

ok so it has going to be the end of my second week of work .
so a bit of the update .

the jobs is rather easy now .
and i feel so slacking .
but i love the colleagues here .
though they might think i am the naive young girl .
but i am ok with it .
cos at least it makes them feel happy .

so i have completed one or two tasks given .
now my next task would be to sell tickets .
Tickets for One Community Walk for the Fengshan area's resident .

So people please kindly help miie out .
let miie know if your parents, grandparents or even yourselves are interested .
email miie at or

anyway so i just got off the phone with baby .
i heard a verii sad and suprise new !!!!
but i will not reveal anything until he does .
wann to respect his privacy .
as it is his choice if he wann to let others know or not .

so that would kind of conclude my post for today .
shall see wadever happening thing occur and then post up again .
ciao !

Friday, May 20, 2011

love week 1 schedule

ok so this coming sunday will then conclude first week of work .
this week's schedule is the best !
let miie show you .
So you see .
it is like working one day and off the second .
but that is only because this week's public holiday .

so in conclusion .
first week is ok .
but i was told that things will be more busy .
as i would have more things pass on to miie .
so i have to work fast .
hopefully i dun screw up .

ok den tmr will be another off day .
so it is actually quite simple .
gonna slack at home .
and maybe continue to key in the menu thingy .
but some colleagues think i should do it when working .
try not to bring work back home to do .

ok got to carry on working le .
have not end work .
shift end at 10pm .
so ciao peeps .

Think too much ???

Ok people .
I just had the worst nightmare ever in my life .
I am awake at this hour sweaty .

I am considering to take a shower after I am done with blogging this entry.
And so I am happily working at fengshan cc .
Colleagues are super super sweet and nice to miie .
Taught miie a lot .
But I am stucked .
Being stubborn and a perfectionist .
I expect to complete my tasks given with at least a certain standard .
Is only today my confident is thrash .
As I realize there is still things that I ought to learn from the school .
They have yet to taught miie how to consolidate a proper comparison .

This is not even a difficult task but yet I am stucked .
Disappointed and frustrated as I am .
Even falling asleep, wad comes to mind is how I can perfect the things I can do .
It makes miie nervous when I am not doing my best .
I feel so weak .

Asking for help and yet still confuse .
I wasn't well coping stress that I gave myself .
I was always ok with the tight schedule .
I know I can get it done.
But only the matter of wad I wann to give in .
The stress I give myself is to make sure even it is a not ok result I dun wann it to be the worst .
But I am tied-down .
I am clueless plus forgetful .
I have this feeling that I am missing something .

I need to rant this out .
As it is wad that causes my nightmare .
I just need some way to vent and rant it all out .
Now that I am feeling better .
I am going to take a shower and head to bed again .

So wish miie luck k ?
I will need tons .
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


hi people .
i should have lots of topics to write on .
but i just dun find the inspiration .
which is bad .

my life is so boring .
or put it that they are not interesting .
none needed to specially mention .

but i would be starting work on 16th may though .
wish miie lucks .
would need tons .

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

verii super quick update

ok so i have to do this fast .
need to wake up early tmr .
so i got the job .
this time round .

going down to their HQ to sign appointment letter ??
wad it is hope this job would last .

tons of things to update .
but no time to actually do that .
just hope ipod could have a good app for blogger .
so ciao and nights peeps .