Thursday, May 26, 2011

Full Time Job

ok so it has going to be the end of my second week of work .
so a bit of the update .

the jobs is rather easy now .
and i feel so slacking .
but i love the colleagues here .
though they might think i am the naive young girl .
but i am ok with it .
cos at least it makes them feel happy .

so i have completed one or two tasks given .
now my next task would be to sell tickets .
Tickets for One Community Walk for the Fengshan area's resident .

So people please kindly help miie out .
let miie know if your parents, grandparents or even yourselves are interested .
email miie at or

anyway so i just got off the phone with baby .
i heard a verii sad and suprise new !!!!
but i will not reveal anything until he does .
wann to respect his privacy .
as it is his choice if he wann to let others know or not .

so that would kind of conclude my post for today .
shall see wadever happening thing occur and then post up again .
ciao !

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