Friday, May 20, 2011

love week 1 schedule

ok so this coming sunday will then conclude first week of work .
this week's schedule is the best !
let miie show you .
So you see .
it is like working one day and off the second .
but that is only because this week's public holiday .

so in conclusion .
first week is ok .
but i was told that things will be more busy .
as i would have more things pass on to miie .
so i have to work fast .
hopefully i dun screw up .

ok den tmr will be another off day .
so it is actually quite simple .
gonna slack at home .
and maybe continue to key in the menu thingy .
but some colleagues think i should do it when working .
try not to bring work back home to do .

ok got to carry on working le .
have not end work .
shift end at 10pm .
so ciao peeps .

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