Monday, June 13, 2011

Pay day = savings day & spending day

ytd was my pay day .
Lots of $$$ .
so i bought my parents to bedok point for lunch .
just to state down tat the choice of location is not by me .
my dad chose the location .
as he didnt want to travel to far .

so we went to bedok inter in the morning .
opening up new savings account for myself .
from today onwards i would be saving up $100 to that account .
for a timing of about 3 yrs i think .

after that we went in to NTUC jackpot .
and with $1, i won $3 .
not much i know .
but at least i know i still have some luck .

so when all of us feel the hunger .
we proceed on to bedok point .

after a bit of walking around .
we decided to dine at The Manhattan Fish Market .

after browsing through we decided to have Fried Country Mushroom .

Though the price is a bit pricy and for a small quantity .
i still find it pretty tasty and ESP juicy !

after that we decided to order to main course .
First is the daily set .
Grilled Catch of the Day (Halibut)

As said by my dad .
The fish lacks the seafood smell and the taste is rather bland .
But the rice is a bit salty therefore to neutralise the taste .

Next we had the Manhattan Seafood platter for Two .

According to my mummy the prawn is not as good as Fish & Co .
But i love the cheese that is covering the prawns .
mixing the cheese with the rice and eating it with the fried cod fish is awesome .
the taste of the cheese is not too strong to cover the smell of the fish .

So that about conclude the day, but we went to Q bubble tea .

bought a cup .
my favourite is Oolong Milk Tea 25% less bubble .

Follow on we went back to play at NTUC Jackpot again .
won quite an amount and went home .
that is about all and i have done posting .
should post about any other happenings .

ciao peeps .
love lots .

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

not enough sleep

i believe now i look like this .

due to insufficient sleep la ~~~
everyday sleeping around 12 den wake up at 7 in the morning .
if not sleep at 1 wake up at 9 .

tired ttm la~~~~
i can no longer sleep long hours .
only few hours naps can be taken during off days .

work load is piling up .
and i am getting more and more confuse .
cause it seems like my work is always not enough .
got to work harder .

i am in a office which consist of no office politics .
Real or Not Real ?

Btw i have just finish the Hunger Game Series last night .
Love the series .
though there would not be a fourth book .
but i think there could be as the story is well written and interesting .
once you start reading cannort stop thinking about it .

so now you have to realise i would be reading a new book .
and yes a series AGAIN~
This time round "Vamp" Series .
as for TV shows, series or movie .
i have no time to spare for those .

Only watch like two movies recently .
First is Kunfu Panda 2

this show is like cute ttm and funny ttm can .
see this .
a sneak peek.

soooo cute~~~~
hahaas .

den followed by X men First Class .

boring at the beginning but interesting after that .
the action part is always the interesting part .

so that is about all for my recent beings .
will update when i am free again !
ciao peeps !