Sunday, August 7, 2011

busy yet movie week after week

Hey peeps .
i have been busy .
my work now does not give me too much free time .
so most of the time i am either sleeping or spending time with my family and friends.
every time my mom would try and bring me along for movie during my off days .
so i still seems to have a little bit of life other than work .
so i think i should have updated like a billions year ago .
but i am just too too lazy .
a habit that would kill .
Anyway i have watched the Last movie of Harry Potter .
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 Epic PosterLets talk a bit about the movie .
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 .
I give a rating of 4/5 stars .
In this movie things starts to reveal who are good and bad .
so no more guessing .
There is still humor in the movie and there is always the touching and sad part .
Also not forgetting kissing scenes .
some are rather random some surprised .
overall the movie is good .

Next on i have also watched the collaboration of many artistes from all over the place .
The title of the movie is Twisted .
I give it a rating of 2/5 .
Though the movie is funny and the different story links a bit here and there .
but i feel like it just lags of a good plot and story line .
It is like the whole movie was not even really scary .
so you would expect much .
it gets 2/5 because of the comedy part .
other than that this movie isnt good at all .

Lastly the latest movie i have watched .

Captain America.
I give it a rating of 3.5/5 .
The movie is just like our typical action or comic book movie .
It's just that the ending is rather sad if you get it .
Anyway the actions scenes are good .
the movie is fairly funny with their conversations .
but there is still parts where the movie is boring .
so causing a different of 0.5 compared to Harry Potter .

That should be it for my review of the movies i have watched lately .
The next movie i wann to watch is Final Destination .
Though the story line is all over the same .
but i do say, you have to give credits to the people thinking of the death scenes .
Its not like the same old routine .
Every time there is new and creative way the kill the person .

So there really is it le .

A little update on my being now .
I am very stress out and tired over work .
and yet i have some other things to worry about .
no one can really understand .

wad i try to do now is actually try not to think about the problems .
so at least i can give myself a break .
sometimes i wonder if this job is actually suitable for me .
Though it does match my expectation pay wise .
but i keep asking myself is the pay worth the amount of work .
but because i have loans to pay .
i have to hang on and see how it goes .

Things are never easy .
wadever they pay you, they feel like it is worth so much work and effort .
so it is more of a torture actually .

After ranting all out .
i feel much better .
Got to go and prepare myself some snacks or even my lunch le .
ciao peeps .
Love .

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