Friday, August 26, 2011

my bday!

Ok so i should start blogging .
the day before i stayed over at hubby's house .
and had a treatment like a princess ytd .
envy much ?
more to come .

he cooked two meals for me and send me home afterwards .
sweet like candy cane dip in honey and maple syrup .
ok maybe a bit tooo sweet .
hahaas .

anyway today i am about to go prepare to meet my darling HB .
going shopping, eating and more shopping .
i would love to hang out more with them after working .
but come on la .
all working adults very difficult to accommodate the timing to meet out de lei .
so we would do our best .
and i am left with only like wad .
1 weeks or 2 weeks with my hubby before he goes in for army .
so time is something that i need and i dun have de .
sadded much ?

but this do not spoil my mood for my bday .
and more to come as i have a celebration with family on the actual day .
going for a feast .
though not some fancy restaurant or anything .
but its the heart and time spent that counts .

Love my life now except work !
cheers people .

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