Thursday, September 29, 2011

updates ! jobless again !

currently job status = serving notice .
as i have tender my resignation with my current job .

on the 19th Oct will officially be jobless .
currently applying for jobs .
sent out tons of application but none got back to me .

Zoelyn and i were talking about having thoughts to join the SIA .
But .....
we have our own issues .
they are having an audition or interview this Saturday .
I would love to go and give it a shot .
but i cant .
need to work on that day !
1st Oct is Children Day plus Fengshan workplan .
haiz .
sianz ttm !

den hor i am also applying job with nuffnang .
hopefully they would reply me .
but chances not high i guess .
cos already quite some time le .
haiz .

den still looking for jobs .
plans to study at SIM if i can .
uni global of cos .
hardly can get it man .

if you are rich i think you have no troubles .
except how to spend all the money .
a kind suggestion :

poor as shit man .
everything needs money .
bills needs to be paid .
haiz .

who can save me ?
my life suck .
i wann perfect life, dramatic ones i dun mind having .
just dun wann a bored and sucky one .

someone help please ~~~~

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I am a happy and blessed bitch

So my friends are THE best .
No one could be better !
This is why I always chose friends over bf .
Cos gf are for life !!!

Cheers for y 4 main bitch !
Firstly I known her since like sec 2 ?
Longest lasting friend .
6 years to be exact .
Crazy and live to hang out with her !!!

Next we are known to be HB .
She is the idol of the group no doubt .
Cool and mysterious as always and forever .
Except infront of HB ?
Hahaas .
Wadever .

Next the manager of the group ???
Cute, shy and introvert !
Love her .
Bully her ttm .
Ok I suck I know k .
But dun bully I feel wrong .
Hahaas .

Lastly the groupiie ???
No idea her position .
But the famous action Kia club de president .
Hahaas .
Late queen and busy queen too .
Too busy to meet us .
But still live her loads .
Cos at the end if the day, she will still be there .
Better den not .

Love them more than anything else .
But please forgot me my friends .
When I have a new guy or I an falling in love .
I will be that bitch that will ps you all .

Cannot blame newly blossom love right ???
I know you girls love and hate me !
But I am happy both ways .
This post dedicated to you girls specially .

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Monday, September 12, 2011


ok so i am wondering .
wad kind of work, status i am suitable to be in .

At the age of 20, not old enough neither too young .
so i dunno wad i wann .
it is suppose to be normal for us to feel lost .
but when you turn 21 or 25 latest .
you will need to know wad you wann and where you wann to be .
cos if not you will suffer seriously .

so i have made my choice on my future studies .
but the time and date TBC .
den as for my job now, one step at a time and will see how it goes .
Next the final big question .
my love life maybe not so important to others .
but quite important to me .
at least i dun wann to waste my time .

now i am thinking to be tgt with him longer and see how it goes ?
or to be friends and see my other options .
i dun feel like hanging on to him if i know we will not be happy tgt .
this is equally wasting his time .

but now as time passes, the feeling is no longer as strong as before .
i do still have feelings for him .
just tat in life there is so many things tat dun just base on feelings .

i need to face the fact of some many problems we are facing .
arguements that is bringing us apart and further .
when it is suppose to bring us closer .

the passion that holds us tgt no longer binds us as tightly as before .
i need to know .

i hope when the day come, i would be able to know wad i wann .
i am just selfish as i dun wann to get hurt or hurt anyone .
but i know if i insist, someone is bound to get hurt .

who can tell me how i feel about all these ?
who can understand wad i am going through ?
who would be able to tell me that all is to be fine ?
will things turn out fine ?

i am speechless le .
will blog again soon .
ciao peeps .

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

not feeling well

Ok my tummy is really giving me alot of problems .
because i keep feel like vomitting and also weird cramps .

i am sure tat i am not pregnant .
so dun think there .

but i have to say i lost 4 kg with 1 week .
super unhealthy !
but i also gain back some .
hope i will lose all out .
den it will be more easier for me .

now i can only say slimming down is my number goal .
den next is my relationship .

i reali need to clear my head out .
because i dunno wad i wann .
if i dun figure it out den big problem .

after that i can focus on my work .
work is piling like nobody business .
not been in office for 3 days break is crazy .
den have to complete with 2 - 3 days before on a 3 days break is even more crazy .

but it is still acceptable .
hahahaha .
den now i came back for 3 days den going on a 2 days break .
though i need to come back to work on the sat .
but i am happy .
because my weekends are well planned .

would be going out with my girl on sat night .
den might slack with her throughout the weekend .
getting my days well planned .
wont give me time to anyhow think .

because that is only going to make everything more worse .
the last thing i need is to anyhow think .

i just cant focus .
hope everything can turn out right .
turn out the way i wanted it to be .
so that i do not need to shed too much tears .

May whoever or wad ever out there hear my prayers .
come and help and save me from misery .

That would be all i guess .
will be going to look for zoelyn to slack later ba .

New blogskin

Got a new blogskin .
edited from whoever created this .

Spent a while editing .
cos i wann put my advert .
den must adjust to fit .
den the layout kinda weird now .
need to made it not fix .
but if not fix den not nice also leii .

but wadever .
so now things are ok le .

tmr still need to work .
den thurs watch final destination 5 .
den after tat friday send baby to ns le .
after that need go attend cousin de wedding.

den sat need work in the morning .
after tat go out with zozo .
hahaas .
busily packed weekend .

Saturday, September 3, 2011

sliming down / something wrong with me

ok though i am now really slim now .
but i have been losing weight at a weird pace .

believe or not i have lost about 4kg in the past 1 week .
dunno the reason why .

dunno if it is good or bad .
but i can feel everything going on in my tummy .
and that is pretty scary .

some say might be stress
others says otherwise .

for myself i dun understand .
but i am lack of sleep for the past 1 week .
somethings are bothering me .
but i dunno exactly wad and how to express it .

quite afraid that i am suffering from some illness or something like that .
but i have been taking almost 1 meal a day onli .

but ytd i took a proper 3 meals .
lunch, dinner and supper .
but taking in all those already feel alright and fatty to me .

today i went groceries shopping and bought food in preparation for lunch cum dinner .
and i have posted on twitter .

I even bought blue cheese .
weird and odd like people describe .
i kind of love and hate it .

the smell is weird at first but after used to it .
it may seems fine .
the taste is kind of like something sour & salty .
but with a very creamy base .
i dun think everyone can accept it .

so i made my salad today .

ingredients used:

there is about one quarter box of cherry tomato(ate the rest while preparing, LOL)
cabbage / lettuce ? (no idea but just veg that i like)
apple cider vinegar (baby bought for me)
Sandwich ham chk (take note chk is better than pork due to healthiness not tastiness)
lastly blue cheese !

The process:

the final product:

before i go, going to take a weight measurement first .
i am now at the digit where by they both are the same .
make a guess ba people .

i am kidding dun come and reali ask me .
i wont tell no matter wad .

love by yours truly .