Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I am a happy and blessed bitch

So my friends are THE best .
No one could be better !
This is why I always chose friends over bf .
Cos gf are for life !!!

Cheers for y 4 main bitch !
Firstly I known her since like sec 2 ?
Longest lasting friend .
6 years to be exact .
Crazy and live to hang out with her !!!

Next we are known to be HB .
She is the idol of the group no doubt .
Cool and mysterious as always and forever .
Except infront of HB ?
Hahaas .
Wadever .

Next the manager of the group ???
Cute, shy and introvert !
Love her .
Bully her ttm .
Ok I suck I know k .
But dun bully I feel wrong .
Hahaas .

Lastly the groupiie ???
No idea her position .
But the famous action Kia club de president .
Hahaas .
Late queen and busy queen too .
Too busy to meet us .
But still live her loads .
Cos at the end if the day, she will still be there .
Better den not .

Love them more than anything else .
But please forgot me my friends .
When I have a new guy or I an falling in love .
I will be that bitch that will ps you all .

Cannot blame newly blossom love right ???
I know you girls love and hate me !
But I am happy both ways .
This post dedicated to you girls specially .

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