Wednesday, September 7, 2011

not feeling well

Ok my tummy is really giving me alot of problems .
because i keep feel like vomitting and also weird cramps .

i am sure tat i am not pregnant .
so dun think there .

but i have to say i lost 4 kg with 1 week .
super unhealthy !
but i also gain back some .
hope i will lose all out .
den it will be more easier for me .

now i can only say slimming down is my number goal .
den next is my relationship .

i reali need to clear my head out .
because i dunno wad i wann .
if i dun figure it out den big problem .

after that i can focus on my work .
work is piling like nobody business .
not been in office for 3 days break is crazy .
den have to complete with 2 - 3 days before on a 3 days break is even more crazy .

but it is still acceptable .
hahahaha .
den now i came back for 3 days den going on a 2 days break .
though i need to come back to work on the sat .
but i am happy .
because my weekends are well planned .

would be going out with my girl on sat night .
den might slack with her throughout the weekend .
getting my days well planned .
wont give me time to anyhow think .

because that is only going to make everything more worse .
the last thing i need is to anyhow think .

i just cant focus .
hope everything can turn out right .
turn out the way i wanted it to be .
so that i do not need to shed too much tears .

May whoever or wad ever out there hear my prayers .
come and help and save me from misery .

That would be all i guess .
will be going to look for zoelyn to slack later ba .

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