Saturday, September 3, 2011

sliming down / something wrong with me

ok though i am now really slim now .
but i have been losing weight at a weird pace .

believe or not i have lost about 4kg in the past 1 week .
dunno the reason why .

dunno if it is good or bad .
but i can feel everything going on in my tummy .
and that is pretty scary .

some say might be stress
others says otherwise .

for myself i dun understand .
but i am lack of sleep for the past 1 week .
somethings are bothering me .
but i dunno exactly wad and how to express it .

quite afraid that i am suffering from some illness or something like that .
but i have been taking almost 1 meal a day onli .

but ytd i took a proper 3 meals .
lunch, dinner and supper .
but taking in all those already feel alright and fatty to me .

today i went groceries shopping and bought food in preparation for lunch cum dinner .
and i have posted on twitter .

I even bought blue cheese .
weird and odd like people describe .
i kind of love and hate it .

the smell is weird at first but after used to it .
it may seems fine .
the taste is kind of like something sour & salty .
but with a very creamy base .
i dun think everyone can accept it .

so i made my salad today .

ingredients used:

there is about one quarter box of cherry tomato(ate the rest while preparing, LOL)
cabbage / lettuce ? (no idea but just veg that i like)
apple cider vinegar (baby bought for me)
Sandwich ham chk (take note chk is better than pork due to healthiness not tastiness)
lastly blue cheese !

The process:

the final product:

before i go, going to take a weight measurement first .
i am now at the digit where by they both are the same .
make a guess ba people .

i am kidding dun come and reali ask me .
i wont tell no matter wad .

love by yours truly .

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