Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lousy Taste in Guys

I dun understand....
why is my taste in guys soooo BAD !!!

like seriously....
how come i always liked the wrong ppl .

I regret to wadever happen with the previous one .
Just when i thought he was a trustworthy one but he wasnt .

I am so diappointed in myself .
Speechless actually .

It just pisses me off .
He would always defend himself when i doubt him .
but it seems like my doubts were quite true .

you just cant quite trust a person who lies almost every waking moment .
I gave trust because i believe he would not lie to me .
but too bad ....
I guess when he said he will tell me all the truth were also all new made lies !

I just cant believe, I would only hurt more after we break up .
Because just now then i realise how stupiid i was .
How foolishly i trusted him and how good he was and is at lying .

I am glad that I have made the decision to leave him .
Cos if i didnt i would have been cheated by now .
It just sound so sad yet so lucky that i escape out from his lies .

This is how i really feel now .

I just want everything back to how it was like before i know him .
so from scratch delete and trash out all the things .

Thursday, October 27, 2011

(Sponsored AD) Fish & Co Food Tasting !

Ok last friday i went for Fish & Co's food tasting .
Guess why ?!

Cos they have new menus to intro !
excited !

The food tasting session was held at the NEX's outlet w/ 5 other blogger .
first it is my obligation to show you the two new menus .
Student Menu and also the Happy Lunching menu( for non-student )

Every sets comes with a beverages of your choice.
you can even chose their famous cola tonic and passion fruit drinks .

of course there is terms & conditions .

But for happy lunching it also comes with a starter of their homemade coleslaw and dessert .
Also Happy Lunching is until 5pm
But that is not all .
For students, pay attention !
you will be able to get this uber cute student loyalty card !
everytime you buy a student meal, you will get a stamp on the cartoony fish .

cute right ?

a few points to raise up first .
Students meals are only available at 3 outlets .
Namely Jurong point, Clementi mall & NEX !

Fish & co is no longer JUST serving fish & seafood le .
They now serve us we more variety with CHICKEN !
with a few new dishes, you will know their chicken are good too !

Muslim friends can also join in for the feast .
hesitate no more as Fish & Co is now Halal !
why do i say that ?

Because they dun serve alcohol anymore !
now instead of cocktail they are serving mocktail !
a fruity mix drinks alter to able you to join in with the feasting and FUN .
wann prove ?
Halal certified Sign(red box) !

Here comes the food !!!
first up soup and starter !

The soup is available for those who dun take coleslaw .
But you have to top up $1 to change to soup of the day .
common soup of the day is Cream of Mushroom !

Look at how thick it is !
my love man !
as the name says CREAM of mushroom .
so i expect it to be creamy and thick .
and it is !
Every mouthful you can taste the mushrooms !

Coleslaw not the love of my life .
though i love veggie !
but i in particular dun like coleslaw .

for fish & co their coleslaw sauce is made by themselves .
customize to be not too sour .
though i dun like it but the other bloggers enjoyed it .

While waiting for the main courses.

OK ! Next up Main courses !
we actually had six different dishes to try from .
first up the famous Captain Hook !

Their famous Fish & Chip(original).
I do not have to comment on this as everyone knows their fish & chips are super delicious !

We all heard of Hotdog bun !
now Fish & Co offers "Sea Dog"

cool isnt it .
It taste well with the bun though if you are wondering !

Seafood platter for one !
100% appealing .
looking at it now while blogging makes me hungry !

though i dun eat prawn !
but look at that and tell me it doesnt make you drool ?

Next are the chicken dishes !
Boneless Chicken & Chips

like the name say it is boneless .
FYI they uses chicken thigh meat for their chicken dishes .

Chicken burger & Chips .

and for the finale:
Grilled Chicken with Peri Peri Sauce !

the default of this dish comes with the mash potato(which could be change)
the oil is from the sauce !

I've got to say the Peri Peri looks spicy but it isnt tat hot as expected .
Plus it taste a bit chinese .
in my opinion? Taste like a mix of chinese and western food !
if you dun like the chicken, you can order the Grilled Fish with Peri Peri Sauce .

and like i say dessert that comes with Happy Lunching sets .
after all this you can give their mocktail a try !

Time for the Mocktails !
Cranberry Float
look at the ice cream!
Yummy !
Orange Rainbow
Strawberry Daiquiri

Top with strawberry and lime at the bottom.

Frozen Margarita

the mocktails are super sweet for me !
but i am the kind of person who only drinks Bubble tea at 25% .
so it may be sweet to me but not for others .

so hurry and go try out their new menu !
Happy Lunching available at all outlets !

ciao loves !

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

(Nuffnang Event)Robinsons & SingTel's mio TV- Prime Time Fall Fashion

I have been talking about this Robinsons & SingTel's mio TV's event.
here it is...

The event was held at Avalon !
If you never heard of it, google it .
ok i am kiddin.
more info Click here

So i met up with a few bloggers .
As this is an invited event.
I won the invitation via retweeting Nuffnang's tweet .

this is why you should follow them .
hahaas .

but anyway we met up and cabbed over .
before going in .
cam-whore in the lift .

once we exited the lift, we were greeted by half naked guys.
YES! i mean half naked .
guys with just briefs and a pair of boxing gloves or smth.
didnt had the chance to snap them .
to shy and shocked .

so we went over to register and get out coupon which include 2 soft drink and 1 wine.
after collecting the goodie bag and coupon .
took picture at the entrance .
we den settled down and of course as expected .
phototaking !

ok yes, i look like "sadako"
hahaas .

after seeing the photos i am glad that i cut my fringe.
hahahas .

den there is the "ME" section .

also we went to take pictures w/ famous bloggers in singapore.
obviously i am awkard in the picture .
i am shy please .
got to take picture w/ Valeria !
she is TALL .
and i really mean like super TALL .
i was wearing a 4-inch heel that day .
but she is super friendly .

den came the fashion show !

and before we go one last picture .

Content of Goodie bag !

pictures credit: