Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lousy Taste in Guys

I dun understand....
why is my taste in guys soooo BAD !!!

like seriously....
how come i always liked the wrong ppl .

I regret to wadever happen with the previous one .
Just when i thought he was a trustworthy one but he wasnt .

I am so diappointed in myself .
Speechless actually .

It just pisses me off .
He would always defend himself when i doubt him .
but it seems like my doubts were quite true .

you just cant quite trust a person who lies almost every waking moment .
I gave trust because i believe he would not lie to me .
but too bad ....
I guess when he said he will tell me all the truth were also all new made lies !

I just cant believe, I would only hurt more after we break up .
Because just now then i realise how stupiid i was .
How foolishly i trusted him and how good he was and is at lying .

I am glad that I have made the decision to leave him .
Cos if i didnt i would have been cheated by now .
It just sound so sad yet so lucky that i escape out from his lies .

This is how i really feel now .

I just want everything back to how it was like before i know him .
so from scratch delete and trash out all the things .

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Most Desirable said...

Hi, don't worry so much, time will bring a perfect guy, someone that clcks. That's why there are more marriages a day than break ups. Someone will fit someone. Pls do drop by for my story for Halloween.