Tuesday, November 22, 2011

(Sponsored AD) Haunting of Blakang Mati!

Do you like scary adventures like i do ?
Are you a thrill seeker like i am ?

Would you like to try something fun and scary .
Embark on a adventure with GOGREEN Segway !
It is located just beside the Beach Station .
Beach station is the last station .
dun get off at the wrong station .
I got invited together with 6 other bloggers .
Group photos right at there entrance .
We took pictures with their staff with scary makeup on .
They actually offered us the chance to do the makeup .
So i thought why not .
den i sat down and the transformation begin !

Before the start of the adventures, there is a safety video to watch first .
A little FYI first.
Afterwards we then proceed to get geared up .
We go through a briefing and a tryout.
A picture before we start going for the practice.
After the test run, we all moved on to the REAL deal.

Because it is a tour, we can hardly take pictures .
you really need to experience it yourself .
Plus you get to learn more about Sentosa .
I will make my point now .

Do you know?
Sentosa was once known as Pulau Blakang Mati.
which in Malay means the "Island of Death from Behind"

So wad are you still waiting for .
Experience the journey First hand !
for more information regarding the tour .
Click Here

of course how can i end my post with my infamous "Me" session ?

Pictures credit:
♥ Me
♥ Jeremy

Monday, November 14, 2011

Delcie's Dessert and Cakes !

Do you love sweets, desserts and chocolate ?!
To be honest who dun love desserts right ?
is just that desserts are well known to be fattening .
unsuitable for diabetics patients !

Guess WAD !
Now you do not need to feel sinful anymore !
Also vegans can also enjoy all the treats now !
Proud to present !
Delcie's Dessert !
Me with the owner ! ♥Delcie
They are the first ever bakery to get the healthier choice stamp k !
Impressive right !

The philosophy of Delcie’s is to bake organic, egg-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and guilt-free cakes and desserts that taste great and yet are nutritious and guilt-free.
Quoted from ♥Delcie's Dessert

We got to try all sorts of their desserts !

I took pictures with one of the host .
Also new friends made that day .
but only took picture with christina !

for testimony and Sponsors !
I left a note there !

Cake Demo !
Look at the crowd !
loads of peeps were there !
Delcie explained the types she uses in her cakes during the demo !
You can order the cakes and let them know if there is specific requirements .
E.g for diabetics patient or for babies !

You can take a look at the menu !
For more info or to order !
Click Here
how would i end my post without a little ME session .

Pictures credit:
♥Delcie's Dessert