Sunday, November 6, 2011

Escape to HELLoween graveyard shift

As everyone know i went for halloween this year with HB .
we went for the escape one due to budget and distance constraint .
Escape to HELLoween graveyard shift.
so i met up with my dearest at downtown east.
they acc me for a slight dinner .
I bought my favorite salmon sushi .
hahaas .
den picture .
after which we walk over to escape .
and just when we arrived .
there was this parade of the dead !
before it start i took pictures !
She is suppose to be the mother that lost her child or smth .
super emo ghost .
Den we proceeded into the park .
First thing we went to is the haunted house .
could snap pictures inside becos not allowed .
but i manage to snap the guy that scare ppl at the end of it .
after that we went to take the mini roller coaster .
super fun .
Funny conversation:

Me: don't be scare, if you are just scream .
Carol: *nod* *grab my elbow*
the roller coaster go up the slope .
Carol: *grab tighter*
Me: here goes(just when the thing goes down)
On the first turn
Carol: wo yao gen ni men jue jiao !!!!
translate(i wann to unfriend you girls)
Me: LOL (thru out the whole thing)

aint she cute .
but we are so happy she could face her fear .
den we took picture of a small graveyard .
look at the figure behind zoelyn .

Introducing the ghosts/ghouls etc etc .
First up scary disfigured construction worker .
Next up Dead clowns.
Faceless Nun
Cheongsam Girl
dunno wad is this . horn monster
ghouls in a pair .
burnt victim
Dead zookeeper ?
Pocong(malay ghost)
look at him smirkin....creepy~
witch !
She scare me by hiding inbetween carol and zoelyn's shoulders .
literally scream when i saw!

The emo mummy
she creeps me out by keep touching me .
like a goosebumps all over .

Ghouls .
I call him the summoner.
he would carry around this drum .
and when he hits it .
All the monsters/ghouls/ghost etc will gather !

Female ghost .
My damn arch enemies ! Snakes !Axe man (X-men?)hahahas
Chopper guy .

these two guys are scary .
as they would look at you damn fiercely .
den chopper guy like to chiong towards ppl....
den axe man like to do sudden turn when taking pictures... LOL

tallies .
guess why she laugh ?
cos the guy below tried to scare me while i take her picture .
Bloopers .
caught talking....

Camwhore session .
This night ended quite fast .
I really had fun with my bitches !
Love them and we would make more memories de ~
OMG ! sound like a couple thing .
i am getting mushy .
eeeeeEEE .
hahahas .

of cos this post cant just end here with my own cam whore session .
though it is already filled with pictures .
but i cant say i have nice pictures taken tat day .
must post~ cannort resist to post .

ok so that would be it lo .
rmb to check back for movie review .
I will be reviewing on Paranormal Activity 3 and real steel .
ciao loves ~

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