Thursday, December 29, 2011

Watsons members cny sales

So ytd I went to east point's watson for their members sales with zo .
And the best part was we got to stock up .

I bought another maybelline black gel liner .
I remember someone asking me to get for them but forgot who .
Hahaas .
I know my brain is damage .
So if it's you please let me know .

I was wondering if I were to do a giveaway would anyone join ?
*goes into deep thought*

I have items to give away .
Items like cosmetics etc .

But I have the fear like if no one join den how ?

Never done such things before .
Fear of a first time....
Just like first day of school or work .
Never expect who or what to happen .

Blogging on my way to work .
So I got to go lo .
Below is the picture of what I bought .
You should look at how much zo got . LOL .
Ciao sweethearts !

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011 !

This year de Christmas is a bad one somehow .
But there are still perks to it .
Perks like new friends .
Celebration with colleagues !
And most importantly is my baby .

So I had Christmas celebration on 22/12 with my YSL colleagues !

Pictures speak a thousand words.
So I shall end the post here .
Cos I can't arrange the photos .

Will update more !

Thursday, December 22, 2011

BMW showcase

So the other day I went to this BMW showcase at suntec .
Not many cars was displayed there.
But nonetheless I saw something I wann .
Hahaas .

The showcase main purpose was to promote the BMW car tat was featured in the mission impossible latest movie .

Due to the blogger app i am unable to arrange the picture in the post so all pictures will be at the end of the post .

So sorry and I will see wad I can do about it .

So anyway there was this black convertible and I think is the 6 series or something .
Pretty and cool !
I took photo of it too .

It has a same model but instead of convertible it's a coupe .
The price differ around 30k .
But I love both convertible and coupe !

Den there was also this other car the X6 .
Super gigantic and tall .
Didn't snap a picture cos too tall le .
I can't get a good picture of it .

Basically you are suppose to go and experience the cars in the future .
The mc kept saying: "if you dun get a look today den the future will be gone tmr!"
Because it was the last day of the showcase .
But the way he said it make it sound so wrong .
"the future will be gone"

So anyway this would be just a quick update .
Hopefully I will post one about the store de Christmas food craze/celebration !
I will try to take as many pictures as possible today !

Forgive me if there are any spelling errors or anything .
Because the auto correct is actually killing me .
But I will try to improve and add in more of my shortcuts .

So have fun everyone !
Hope it will be enjoyable for all of you !
Received loads of pressies k ?
Byebye !

Monday, December 19, 2011


How many people do you trust ?
No one ? 10?

I have a number myself .
Increasing and decreasing as time goes by .
But how many more can you give ?
Do you have a criteria before giving them to someone ?

I dun have it in the past .
But now I have one .
I will only give it to people who give me theirs .

Doubt me ? Den too bad .
Dun come near me cos I doubt you too .
I only believe tat you can only trust people who trust you .
Den when you hang out, talk or anything there will be a mutual trust .

Someone once asked me .
How do you trust a liar ?
My answer was....
If you feel tat the person is a liar why are you still tryin to befriend with the person ?
Wad makes you think others dun feel tat you are a liar too ?

Never judge a person by rumours .
Unless proven by yourselves .
But even so.. We are all humans .
We lie tat is part of life .

Is wad you think of the person now tat matters .
Dun let judgement blind the heart .
Or even ruin relationship .

I give you my trust .
Trusting you won't hurt me .
Trusting you won't lie to me .
Trusting you won't hide things from me .

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Posting with the blogger app

So it's goin to be the weekend again .
While everyone is having fun .
I have to work :(

But no work no $$ right .
So do it for the $$ so tat I can afford to pay for uni .
Kinda deciding between sim and sma .

Anyway you guys know tat I went o the rooftop party right .
Yupx . Proud to be in G+ !

I went over straight after work .
Rush like crazy . LOL .
And in full working makeup .
With my fave uber red lipstick .
Hahaas .

Anyway we eat, talk, play, talk, drink, play, talk .
Ok it's a cycle .
But you get wad I mean right ?
When bloggers gather .
We share loads of things .

But tat I missed out loads of camwhore with my friends .

But I did camwhore myself .

Reali hope for more gathering !

As for my life now is filled with work .
Love life status is VERY COMPLICATED .
Lol .
Will update whenever I can k .

So ciao my sweethearts .

Monday, December 5, 2011

Working in Retail

Hi all my sweethearts out there.
As you all know i quit my job with PA .
and was looking for jobs .

I finally got one now .
Working at a branded boutique now .
Yes, retail line .
my favorite front line job !

The brand is non other than Yves Saint Lauren also known as YSL .
Currently working at the MBS outlet .

Its tiring, that i wont denied .
cos you have to stand for the entire day !
a certain image have to be kept .
so during working hours, cannort use the phone .
which i am rather sad about .
as when there is no crowd or customer......
it is boring !

but luckily my Colleagues are all NICE people !
love them !
fun and nice to hang out and talk with !
though sometimes age gap .
hahaas .

It appears that almost all the working environment i go into .
I am always the youngest there .
like seriously man !
oh except PA(Kimberlyn was younger than me)

so yeah !
had my first off day .
and will be turning in soon .
still got to working pm shift !

on the side notes:
i miss you, you might not know .
i want you, you might not care .
i need you, you might not feel the same .

you have her, it breaks my heart .
cos it mean i might or have lost you .

please dun make me the fool .
please dun toy with my feelings .