Thursday, December 22, 2011

BMW showcase

So the other day I went to this BMW showcase at suntec .
Not many cars was displayed there.
But nonetheless I saw something I wann .
Hahaas .

The showcase main purpose was to promote the BMW car tat was featured in the mission impossible latest movie .

Due to the blogger app i am unable to arrange the picture in the post so all pictures will be at the end of the post .

So sorry and I will see wad I can do about it .

So anyway there was this black convertible and I think is the 6 series or something .
Pretty and cool !
I took photo of it too .

It has a same model but instead of convertible it's a coupe .
The price differ around 30k .
But I love both convertible and coupe !

Den there was also this other car the X6 .
Super gigantic and tall .
Didn't snap a picture cos too tall le .
I can't get a good picture of it .

Basically you are suppose to go and experience the cars in the future .
The mc kept saying: "if you dun get a look today den the future will be gone tmr!"
Because it was the last day of the showcase .
But the way he said it make it sound so wrong .
"the future will be gone"

So anyway this would be just a quick update .
Hopefully I will post one about the store de Christmas food craze/celebration !
I will try to take as many pictures as possible today !

Forgive me if there are any spelling errors or anything .
Because the auto correct is actually killing me .
But I will try to improve and add in more of my shortcuts .

So have fun everyone !
Hope it will be enjoyable for all of you !
Received loads of pressies k ?
Byebye !

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