Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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So it's goin to be the weekend again .
While everyone is having fun .
I have to work :(

But no work no $$ right .
So do it for the $$ so tat I can afford to pay for uni .
Kinda deciding between sim and sma .

Anyway you guys know tat I went o the rooftop party right .
Yupx . Proud to be in G+ !

I went over straight after work .
Rush like crazy . LOL .
And in full working makeup .
With my fave uber red lipstick .
Hahaas .

Anyway we eat, talk, play, talk, drink, play, talk .
Ok it's a cycle .
But you get wad I mean right ?
When bloggers gather .
We share loads of things .

But tat I missed out loads of camwhore with my friends .

But I did camwhore myself .

Reali hope for more gathering !

As for my life now is filled with work .
Love life status is VERY COMPLICATED .
Lol .
Will update whenever I can k .

So ciao my sweethearts .

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