Monday, December 19, 2011


How many people do you trust ?
No one ? 10?

I have a number myself .
Increasing and decreasing as time goes by .
But how many more can you give ?
Do you have a criteria before giving them to someone ?

I dun have it in the past .
But now I have one .
I will only give it to people who give me theirs .

Doubt me ? Den too bad .
Dun come near me cos I doubt you too .
I only believe tat you can only trust people who trust you .
Den when you hang out, talk or anything there will be a mutual trust .

Someone once asked me .
How do you trust a liar ?
My answer was....
If you feel tat the person is a liar why are you still tryin to befriend with the person ?
Wad makes you think others dun feel tat you are a liar too ?

Never judge a person by rumours .
Unless proven by yourselves .
But even so.. We are all humans .
We lie tat is part of life .

Is wad you think of the person now tat matters .
Dun let judgement blind the heart .
Or even ruin relationship .

I give you my trust .
Trusting you won't hurt me .
Trusting you won't lie to me .
Trusting you won't hide things from me .

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