Thursday, December 29, 2011

Watsons members cny sales

So ytd I went to east point's watson for their members sales with zo .
And the best part was we got to stock up .

I bought another maybelline black gel liner .
I remember someone asking me to get for them but forgot who .
Hahaas .
I know my brain is damage .
So if it's you please let me know .

I was wondering if I were to do a giveaway would anyone join ?
*goes into deep thought*

I have items to give away .
Items like cosmetics etc .

But I have the fear like if no one join den how ?

Never done such things before .
Fear of a first time....
Just like first day of school or work .
Never expect who or what to happen .

Blogging on my way to work .
So I got to go lo .
Below is the picture of what I bought .
You should look at how much zo got . LOL .
Ciao sweethearts !

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