Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wad love meant to me

Being in love .
I always doubt that love would last forever .

Til death do us part .
Saddest part .
Reminds me of my grandma .

Seeing old couples holding hands always make me believe more in love .

It's damn sweet .
But not all couples are or can be like tat .
Growin old with your love is just fulfilling the part where you say he/she is the love of my life .

But some people say that as well .
But when they break up, everything changes .

People always say I am still young .
There are other options .
But many times I wann to ask .
What if I dun wann so many option .
I just wann the right one .
Just one .

No one have the exact answer .
They just think that I am naive an dunno how to think .

I wann others to envy me
Be envious that I have a hubby that love me for who I am .

Wad I wann is simple, but never can be simple around me .

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