Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blogging on the go

Hey sweethearts !
Just so you know I am blogging while on my way home.

Just met up with my baby hubby :)
But is missing him like hell now :(

I need my space to say out all this overwhelming feelings .

I dunno why .
And dun understand .
But I have so much feeling and love for him .
Is like nothing compared to the first time we were together .

Is like I am really afraid of losing him .

I am really glad that blogger has its own app .
Just like cases like now.
I would be able to blog it out .

It's not a advertisement for Blogger .
But I used to find it troublesome to use .
I still detest their uploading of picture "function" .
As I am unable to arrange the picture in my blogpost .

So I can only end my post with A picture.

Kind of irritating .
But other than that it's quite fine .

So by ending the blogpost .
Here is a picture I took today with my baby hubby :)

With love
From yours truly ^^

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