Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Social platforms

Nowadays there has been an increase in the number of social platform available .

Personally I am using a few myself :)
But out of all I still love twitter the best .
Therefore I have like 3 different twitter app .
Apps such as twitter for iPhone, twipple and of course echofon !

But recently I found a new platform which I am equally active in .
It is path .
I dunno if it is available on android yet ?
But for sure iPhone or itouch :)
It completely make me replace instargram .

And I use almost all their function except for tweeting of course :)

Twitter is still my lover :)
just randomly saw a few people tweeting that twitter is getting boring .

But I would like to mention .
If you feel like twitter is getting boring it's because you no longer have things to tweet there .
Or maybe the people you follow are just boring !
Hahaas .

Mine is still rather exciting .
You really just need to follow the right people and it wouldn't be boring :)

For example follow people who update constantly .
Or follow some of your interest .
With constant update den it would be more fascinating ma .

I know it's random to blog about this .
But I am just random .
And my blog seems a little dead .
Plus I dun wann to bore everyone with my mushy lovey posts .

I know not everyone understand .
So just a random post :)

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