Sunday, February 5, 2012


I should have updated my blog .
But I keep forgetting
Or get too preoccupied .

Ok ok I know it's my problem .

So I am still in the midst of packing my room .
Obviously I will blog about it .
How not to blog my achievement for cleaning up my room .
LOL !!

For those who dunno .
I am back with my bf .
Though loads of things have happen .
But I am blissful now.
Praying and working hard for our relationship tgt .

I have ended my temp job with YSL le .
But I do miss the colleagues there dearly .
ESP bubbly Danni, my best buddy James, mature Eddie, cute Edith, skinny jun Liang, naggy Fraser, my lookalike cass, pretty atika and manager Tracy !
Ok .
I think I just listed everyone.
WTF ?!

Best of all I am going for my BTT test .
Not yet but march 7 hahaas :)

Yes I know.
Like seriously, after so long of saying .
I finally went to open account and applied for the BTT le .
Best part now is baby hubby acc me to apply de .
And is now acc-ing me studying :)

Also to mention .
If you did realise I have change my style of writing.

I used to not use smileys in messages or tweets.

But I realise it reali helps .
I meant smileys .
Help to express the message correctly .
Cos I realise when you dun have smiley after a message .
The message might turn out too stern or funny .

Please get use to it ^^

I think that should be about all to update .
Oh tmr is 元宵节 .
Rmb to eat rice dumpling balls k ^^

Goodnight and ciao

With love
From yours truly ;)

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