Sunday, March 18, 2012

Late night blogging

It's been awhile since I've blogged in the wee hours .
But right now being cuddled in the arms of my love one :)

Spending the night over at bby's .
Having the thought of being able to see your beloved first thing you wakes up is the sweetest thing ever :)

Envious ?
Dun be !
I dun wann this kind of lifestyle .
But I've got no other choices .
Reason being....
My bby is in army now.....
That should be able to explain all the I miss you tweets .
Not being able to spent enough time is a torture .

Other couples get to meet up whenever where ever they wann .
But me and bby .
We can only get to see each other on the weekends .
And best part is that sometimes he dun even get to book out !!!
Due to whichever training or duty he has .

Just dun understand why .
But nvm enough of my ranting .
Some updates now .

I went for a event at pro academy on Thursday will be blogging about tat in the next few days .
But before tat I'm posting about the wedding I attended today :)
After tat the pro academy post .
The very next post will be a compilation of the jb trips I've gone to with bby abd his friends :)

So these are the blog post you can expect next .
I know no surprise there .
But tons of pictures :)
Also will be doing a slight update about my weight loss and about slimming mostly ^^

Check back or follow me on my twitter ;)
I'll updates my twitter everytime I update my blog :)

Ok it's late now .
Going to fall asleep in his arms le .
Nighty night night my sweethearts :)

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