Wednesday, March 14, 2012


i've been meaning to blog for like a decade ago .
but keep procrastinate .
as i feel like nothin interesting is happening in my life .
and all i do everyday are the same old routine .

but then everytime i visit my blog and see the latest post .
i tell myself i must post something .
or like "this blog is super dead/inactive "

finally i'm blogging today .
cos tmr i'm going for this workshop at pro academy .

like a finally some event i can blog about .

i've been spending my past few days with my bby .
and hopefully to see him this weekend too :)

recently haven been eating properly....
not much of a appetite to start with .
and now i am down with flu because of the weather.....
which i love and hate .
LOVE for the nice and comfy weather to sleep in .
HATE for making my nose blocked/runny and falling sick T.T

so just a little update .
i've been playing back the FB games .
mainly because i'm just too bored !
i need a job like seriously .

been reali acting like a taitai man .
everyday at home shake leg, watch movie, eat and sleep !
cfm will gain back the weight that i lost .
so in order to NOT gain back .
i need to go find a job .
if not i will then have to exercise them off :(

so that is all .
have fun people half the week is gone and the weekends are coming :)

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