Thursday, March 29, 2012

Random post in a random day

So now I'm on my way to work :)
And so being random....
I decided to blog .


I am currently studying for the license .
So I'm going to work every Monday to Friday just to study .
But the textbook is super damn thick !!!
Like one of our programming textbook .
But we used those for a year...
But the current one I need to finish it by 12th April .
Which is the exam date .

And I thought I will never take an exam this year .
Guess I was wrong .

So I recently read XX's blog about the asker and guesser .
Have you read it ?

If you have which are you ?
I'm a asker .
But I have one or two friends that I can identifies as guesser .

I know random topics .
But yeah .
I'm just being random today .
Hahaas .

I'm super damn tired .
I wann to sleep !!!

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