Thursday, March 1, 2012

(Sponsored AD) Sweet Spring Food Tasting !

Hi peeps !
i am so late in submitting this food tasting post .
but better late den never right ?
hahaas .
ok those are just excuses .
but here i am .

This time round we went to Sweet Spring.Sweet Spring have 3 outlets located at NEX, AMK hub and myVillage.
so no matter where you stay you could get to these places ^^
they have a wide variety to chose from .
from snacks like dim sum to main dishes like steam rice/noodles .
and the best part their DESSERT !
who dun like dessert right ?
you'll be jealous .
we got to try 5 types of their desserts .
but as i said there are snacks .

so first off our snacks/dim sum .
Beancurd Skin Roll

ok this dish consist of prawn and chicken and veg :)
so peeps who have allergic like me best to avoid .
but i still ate it and it is delicious but a tad salty for my taste .

next one of my favorite and also one of the best seller for snacks.
Chicken Bites

yes it looks like the typical fried chicken we eat at pasar malam or taiwan xiao chi .
but i can say their chicken bites are not just crispy yet the meat is also tender .
we would also complain say there isnt much meat right .
Their's isnt so plus point for me :)
unless you prefer dry and no meat den i ask you not to go .
NO i am KIDDING . Its a must try ^^

and now we proceed on to MAIN COURSE .
lets start with the noodle :)
Pork Ribs Noodle
i love anything beef .
but this pork ribs noodle is nice i like the tenderness of how it taste .
and the overall of the noodle including the soup taste just fine .
but if eaten separately the soup might taste a little bland .

okok move on .
Beef Cube steamed rice

Like i said I love anything beef .
so you would know i love this dish the best ^^
I'm not done !
its curry flavored !!!!
love it .

ok so for all rice set they comes with a bowl of soup .
i personally dun like the soup too salty for me .
but i would say it should be normal for all .
cos i tend to prefer food that isnt salty .

so next up .
Salted minced meat steamed rice

for a salted dish this is best !
if like me you prefer not to eat to salty a tip for you .
AVOID the salted egg yolk !
you should be fine and the meat is awesome .

last main dish !
Spicy fish steamed rice

First off not spicy at all !
so those who are afraid of the hotness .
no worries, at the most a tingly feeling on your tongue .
the fish as seen is fried but the inside is still tender ^^

First up ! my favorite !!!
YAM PASTE with gingko nut & pumpkin

it looks kinda dry but doesnt taste so .
still very sticky . how do i say 绵密 in eng ?
i think i can say its dense ?
hahaas .

so next up ! the hot trend that i think should have subsided .
The infamous Soya Beancurd

it comes in a bucket and recommended for two pax .
and you have to serve yourself by scooping up how much you wann .
dun worry not so big as you thought .
The truth !

hahaas .
yupx so no worry about not being able to finish it ^^
here's my portion .

you can also adjust how sweet you wann .
but pouring their own made sugar syrup ^^

Mango with pomelo sago
super duper yummy la .
look at this .
its not the watery type .
its like the puree type and not sweet .
just taste like eating blended mango with pomelo and sago .
I LOVE this and super worth it ! A MUST TRY !

snow ice~ snow ice~ snow ice~
Lychee Snow Ice

first look and i thought oh just like ice kacang .
but first mouth and you taste the fragrance of the lychee .
the sweetness is just nice and the ice isnt too cold .
it didnt melt away as fast as we thought it would .
even if we were talking non-stop .
ok maybe mostly i talk >.<'''' hahaas . but i like this better !
Mango and Strawberry snow ice

its mixed snow ice !!!!
best combination ever .
though the strawberry taste a bit like children's cough medicine .
but i still LOVE TTM please .
MUST TRY hor .

see everybody eat so much so fast .
hahaas .

Dun wait le !
go try now :)

ok how to end this without a group photo ^^
credits to :♥ruiting

And of course me !!^^

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