Wednesday, March 28, 2012

when emotion hits you

hi everyone .
I'm here to rant .

i read my own blog archives and realise my english is getting from bad to worst .
i used to write random poems and they make sense .
but now....
i feel like my english has gone to a whole new level of bad .

not my point of this post .
but i'm inspired to write an emotional one .

just now i kinda argue with bby on the phone .
and i feel rather upset about it .
as the argument is so not wad i wanted .

i love bby even his bad points .
but i just hope he could just see things my way .

i simply hate the arguing .
its been awhile since we last argue .
and i was happy about it .
but everytime we argue.......
it just reminds of me how bad it can affect the r/s .

I didnt came back into this r/s again to let it end like it did the last time .
I'll try to make things work .
but i feel so helpless if its just a one-sided effort .

i hope your love you spoke is not just words .
i believe everytime you say you love me .
because i wann to believe you mean it as much as i am when i say it to you .

my baby hubby .
you know i love you .
i try to tell you in all kind of ways .
but you never ever gets it .
i mean it everytime i say it .
if i dun mean it i wont say it .

so now you know why i'm so upset when you didnt say it .
it just simply breaks my heart .
so this is for you:

this cute boy that i feel for .
i knew he was the one,
but we fought, argued, drifted .
i doubt my feelings,
in the end we separated .

after the separation,
i realise it felt weird without him .
tears would run down my cheeks going through memories .
Good & bad .
i realise i missed him .

seeing him with another girl breaks my heart .
hearing him lie to me makes me shed tears and feel the ache in my heart .
but no matter how much he breaks my heart....
i still feel for him .

a simple "I LOVE YOU" that is true would make me smile .
that is why i always end the call by saying that .
but when i dun hear it....
esp when we argued....
its breaks my hearts .

i'm hurt .


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