Friday, May 4, 2012

A secret to keep for life ?

Have you ever wonder everyone has a secret ?

A secret they will bring with them to their death bed ?

I also feel like my close ones have things hiding from me .
I am over sensitive most of the time .
But not everyone is willing to share like I do .
I dun like the feeling of bottling up all my feelings and thoughts.

I like to share with my close ones my concerns on all aspects .

Basically I give trust to everyone that I meet .
But the trust reduces or lost after I know how or who the person is .
That is why I always share with people .
I feel like there is nothing I need to hide .

Who dun have a past with embarrassed moments .

I just wann to say its ok to say things straight to me.
I can understand and of cos handle the truth .

I dun like liars and two face bitches .

Be my friend ? Easy way is to be honest with me ^^

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