Thursday, June 28, 2012

pay day !!!

Yesterday was my pay day...
but my current company doesnt pay as through bank transfer...
so we were given cheque ...

and because its cheque as we all know it'll take at least a day...

so i've learn this new thing about dropping cheques .
if the cheque is to be drop before 3 pm you can received the money by the next working day after 2pm .
Cool right~

i never know it was like this...

so by this afternoon i should be around 1k richer .
den tonight i'll have to pay my bills .

PAY DAY for me is literally pay day .
cos i have to pay bills....

saving money now is so difficult....
my monthly transportation just increase and also my phone bill....

I'm even wondering how to plan out my own finance again .
all my plans have to redo .
cos the amount i pay out has increase .
and i wann to pay finish my cpf loans by end of this year .
and the loan which i believe is already amounted up to close to 8k or even more...

Planning of one own finance is easy because you can tell yourself when you need to be a little thrifty .
so its all about self control .

which i deeply believe i have !!!
Jiayou !

Friday, June 22, 2012

Once again single

I'm here to update you guys...

I am once again back to being single .
from my previous posts i guess most of you will know .

But i'm not here to grumble .
I'm just here to share the joy and freedom i have after being single .

To be honest, i just broke up last sunday .
Which makes it less than a week .

But i have to say that being single gives you a certain kind of freedom .

You no longer need to feel or be obligated to anyone .
and can just be yourself .
go out with whoever whenever you want .

a freedom i long wanted to taste .

I always thought to myself if i'm suitable to be attached to anyone or not .
because i love to be free .

In my final conclusion was i'm still suitable .
because no matter how free i want to be or how much i love freedom .
i also love to be controlled at times .
like someone who is able to tell me this is bad for you just dun do it .

i'll listen but sometimes i'll be discreet so that i wont be found out .
hahahas .

such a big contradiction and dilemma.....

so that about conclude this post of mine .
i have to mention that i am still owing a few post for you readers .

such as my hauls, my transformation post that i promise, a food review post....
i think that is all i can think of for now .

i'll update real soon again !
Love and kisses !

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Don't disappoint me

Its been 3 days...

I realise you haven change .
not even realise i am serious .

My dear BabyHubby .
What i did was for your own good .
you reali need grow up and be more mature .

Be more independent in all ways k .
by leaving you is to let you know how to stand all by yourself .

and not just always rely on me .
no matter how difficult it is in army .
Its a MUST phase to go through .

Able to tolerate is one thing .
but to learn and reali grow is a whole different level to understand .

Don't disappoint me .

Friday, June 15, 2012

work life in eco id

Hello !
miss me ?

FYI, I'm currently working in an architect firm named Eco Id architect as their receptionist .

Like finally no longer jobless .
Its going to be almost one month since i work here le .

so i have to say i would like to share my experience as a recept .
Receptionist are know to be just another vase for the company .
sit in front of the table and do nothin .

but in actual fact that's like 50% true .
hahaas .

sad to say that's reali the case half the time i'm in the office .

basically waiting for the phone to ring, for courier man to come .
and also serving clients when they are here for meeting .
Asking : "Coffee, tea or just water ?"
other than that i'm basically doing paperwork when there is to be done .

also because of my ways of doing things....
i normally finish it earlier than expected .

so i'm always left with nothin to do....

not that i'm complaining .
but the boredom is unimaginable .
you have to sit here but you cant do much .
and if you surf the net you need to be extra careful .
as i'm not suppose to be surfing .

on additional note, my senior and manager also added me on fb .
so whenever there is an update they'll know .
hahaas .

they'll scold, but i'm reali bored now.
hahahas .

that about all lo .
i've got to go lo .
love and kisses ^^

Friday, June 8, 2012

Blogging at work

This is so weird but i have to say having to wake up at 0630 every morning is a torture !
almost everyday i feel sleepy...
esp when there is nothing to do....

basically as a receptionist you are needed to serve clients before meeting.
pouring beverages for them.
other than than you are also needed to attend to phone calls, suppliers, couriers and also collection of documents .

so it seems rather simple...
but my title in the company is actually admind assistant k .

hahaha .
my email signature .

so being that we'll have to do some admin things .
such as taking charge of stationery .
replenishing of paper in the photo copiers .
posting of documents and arranging documents for courier .
ordering of beverages, snacks, coffee beans and condiments for the office .
cleaning of coffee machine .
issuing of taxi vouchers etc etc .

so the job scope you see above is actually nothin de .
and can be rather boring once almost all the above assignments are done .
as the task above are not on a daily basis .
therefore its not as difficult as it seems .

so i would say that i have more time for blogging now .
as when i'm free in the office i can more or less blog and update a bit here and there .
hopefully my blog wont be so dead compared to before .

so yeap .
and though its slightly late for me to realise how i can schedule my post .
as previously when i was using the older interface of blogger .
i have no idea exactly how to set it to be scheduled .
i know slow and slightly dumb .
but now the new interface is so much easier to use .

so now even if i'm busy at work for a certain day .
i can just go to one of my draft and pick a post to schedule for the day .

just another update of what i'll be blogging about soon .

you can expect one more food post !
if you follow me on twitter den you'll know that i actually went for another food tasting for fish & co .
so yeap .
excited not !

and another would be my shopping hauls for the past 1 month....
loads of pictures....

so yeah...
that's about all for now !
love you all ! muuuuacks !

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

one week of cramps and being sick...

so i have anticipated myself for a full week of cramps...
reason being...

i'm having my P now .
hahahas .

i have to say never have i had such cramps before...
to the extend that i have even visited the doctor ytd...

After which i bought McD breakfast and went home to rest .
and den the torture begin...
i was on bed most of the day til late noon...

my dearest bitch, zoelyn came over to my house acc me...
sweet right~
ya i know i have the best friends ever !

she brought over sachets of ginger tea for me .
and den i ordered Dominos for dinner .
she acc eat abit and went home .

den i was back alone at home....
til ard 9pm daddy den came back...

so today though the cramps aint that bad .
but i am down with blocked nose and a slightly disturb throat....
sick and having P is a damn torture....

i was thinking how i would survive in yoga later tonight....
just hope the week will be good !

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Just another late night post

I miss you so much !

You won't even know how much .

I can't use words to describe....
Or rather I have limited vocab to use .

A lonely and quiet night
Thoughts run through my mind
On a road of no turning back
Looking ahead to the unknown
Hoping everything would be fine
Walking hand in hand
Would anyone be left behind ?