Friday, June 8, 2012

Blogging at work

This is so weird but i have to say having to wake up at 0630 every morning is a torture !
almost everyday i feel sleepy...
esp when there is nothing to do....

basically as a receptionist you are needed to serve clients before meeting.
pouring beverages for them.
other than than you are also needed to attend to phone calls, suppliers, couriers and also collection of documents .

so it seems rather simple...
but my title in the company is actually admind assistant k .

hahaha .
my email signature .

so being that we'll have to do some admin things .
such as taking charge of stationery .
replenishing of paper in the photo copiers .
posting of documents and arranging documents for courier .
ordering of beverages, snacks, coffee beans and condiments for the office .
cleaning of coffee machine .
issuing of taxi vouchers etc etc .

so the job scope you see above is actually nothin de .
and can be rather boring once almost all the above assignments are done .
as the task above are not on a daily basis .
therefore its not as difficult as it seems .

so i would say that i have more time for blogging now .
as when i'm free in the office i can more or less blog and update a bit here and there .
hopefully my blog wont be so dead compared to before .

so yeap .
and though its slightly late for me to realise how i can schedule my post .
as previously when i was using the older interface of blogger .
i have no idea exactly how to set it to be scheduled .
i know slow and slightly dumb .
but now the new interface is so much easier to use .

so now even if i'm busy at work for a certain day .
i can just go to one of my draft and pick a post to schedule for the day .

just another update of what i'll be blogging about soon .

you can expect one more food post !
if you follow me on twitter den you'll know that i actually went for another food tasting for fish & co .
so yeap .
excited not !

and another would be my shopping hauls for the past 1 month....
loads of pictures....

so yeah...
that's about all for now !
love you all ! muuuuacks !

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