Friday, June 22, 2012

Once again single

I'm here to update you guys...

I am once again back to being single .
from my previous posts i guess most of you will know .

But i'm not here to grumble .
I'm just here to share the joy and freedom i have after being single .

To be honest, i just broke up last sunday .
Which makes it less than a week .

But i have to say that being single gives you a certain kind of freedom .

You no longer need to feel or be obligated to anyone .
and can just be yourself .
go out with whoever whenever you want .

a freedom i long wanted to taste .

I always thought to myself if i'm suitable to be attached to anyone or not .
because i love to be free .

In my final conclusion was i'm still suitable .
because no matter how free i want to be or how much i love freedom .
i also love to be controlled at times .
like someone who is able to tell me this is bad for you just dun do it .

i'll listen but sometimes i'll be discreet so that i wont be found out .
hahahas .

such a big contradiction and dilemma.....

so that about conclude this post of mine .
i have to mention that i am still owing a few post for you readers .

such as my hauls, my transformation post that i promise, a food review post....
i think that is all i can think of for now .

i'll update real soon again !
Love and kisses !


For the Love of God said...

Hi... single rules... I am glad that you can smile after all.

missyhuihui said...

thanks so much^^