Friday, June 15, 2012

work life in eco id

Hello !
miss me ?

FYI, I'm currently working in an architect firm named Eco Id architect as their receptionist .

Like finally no longer jobless .
Its going to be almost one month since i work here le .

so i have to say i would like to share my experience as a recept .
Receptionist are know to be just another vase for the company .
sit in front of the table and do nothin .

but in actual fact that's like 50% true .
hahaas .

sad to say that's reali the case half the time i'm in the office .

basically waiting for the phone to ring, for courier man to come .
and also serving clients when they are here for meeting .
Asking : "Coffee, tea or just water ?"
other than that i'm basically doing paperwork when there is to be done .

also because of my ways of doing things....
i normally finish it earlier than expected .

so i'm always left with nothin to do....

not that i'm complaining .
but the boredom is unimaginable .
you have to sit here but you cant do much .
and if you surf the net you need to be extra careful .
as i'm not suppose to be surfing .

on additional note, my senior and manager also added me on fb .
so whenever there is an update they'll know .
hahaas .

they'll scold, but i'm reali bored now.
hahahas .

that about all lo .
i've got to go lo .
love and kisses ^^

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