Monday, July 30, 2012

birthday wishlist~

honestly at this point of time....
i cant think of what i really want .
irony right ?

Top on my list is the camera i wann~


next is fragances
♥Gucci Flora Gardenia

♥Lancome Miracle

♥Paris Hilton Fairy Dust

That is about all for fragrance

i cant really think of anything in particular about the what else.
why not just give me gifts card for spa or gift cards for online shopping at Qoo10 .
or just wrap some $$ for me in a red packet .

btw i need people to sponsor me my customize cake at pines garden .
and i need peeps to bring liquor for my birthday party .
of course liquor does not count as present .
hehe .

I dun mind if you guys bring me out for shopping to shop for the things i wann !
because there is so many things i wann to get for myself .

Like heels, bag, and more clothes of course .

Best if you can just bring me out to shop~
would love that more~

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