Friday, August 24, 2012

Maire Chia

All thanks to joey~
i was able to join in roxanne's maire chia event.

Though this blog post is way late~
which i deeply apologise
plus there wasnt much i could blog as not alot of pictures was taken .
so these are what i have .

The refreshment prepared for us~

red velvet cupcakes ^.^

look at the amount of food i took

oh and there was a gift bag which i did not took a picture of~~
but there was hello kitty marshmallow in it ~
aside i also got my hair dye from roxanne~

last but not least~
There is always a GROUP PHOTO~

A little me section .
when i still had my black hair~

the next post is also a belated one that is the TDF event that i went to .
as no post submission was needed and being a procrastinator .
i have yet to blog about it .
so keep a look out k .
i should be blogging about it real soon .

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