Wednesday, August 8, 2012

National day Eve

Hello everyone .

Tmr is Singapore's National Day .
Yet another pass and we grow tgt with the country .

As the standard of living in the country grow, we try to adapt .
but the cost of living is now higher than what we can afford .

one main concern i'm facing now .
haiz .

need to save $$ for studies .
and for people like me who cant get into govern uni .
we have to go private uni .

And since govern uni is already cheaper they still get subsidies from govern .
whereas private uni is like way more expensive .
we dun get any .
we cant even use our OWN $$ to pay(referring to CPF)
this is so crap cos i still have to pay back CPF for using my own $$ .

Sianz max .
how to be motivated to further studies ?

filled with displease and feel rather upset .
plus i'm ill on the eve of our national day......

such a turn off.....
and is going to party tonight .
not party for the nation .
but party because i still can .

1 comment:

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

Happy National Day to Singapore ! Just study hard and get a scholarship then ! =D