Monday, October 22, 2012

Busy bumble bee

Miss me ?!
You should even if you didn't .

Have started bridging at smf also formally know as Sma .
So weekday occupied with work and weekend with school .

Basically I lost almost all my free time .
Even if there is such things as free time .
I also need it or revision for school .

In summary to my recent life...
No life !

Hahaha .
But !

One good thing now !
I am REALLY and also literally slimming down .

But this is which a few of my friends dun really agree to .

I'm on a diet pill .
Will not mention it here first .
If it really work very well den I might blog about it .

So crossing fingers it will turn me skinny .
So that I can become a true bimbo...
I'm kidding... Or maybe not .
Hahahaha .

But the medication is giving me a few problems of its own .
So... We shall see .

Today is my 4th day on it .
And have lost about 1.5~2kg le .
Good news nonetheless .

But do stay tune to blog k ^^
Cos I'll be blogging about some products and also how I customise my phone .

So come back soon k ^^
Loads of love ^^

Friday, October 12, 2012

(Sponsored Ad) Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe Opens till 4am

Are you nocturnal like an owl ?
or a clubber like me ?

Always staying up late til the wee hours ?
or out hanging with friends and got hungry ?

Now there is one more option for supper .
Cos Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe is opening til 4am~
no need to worry no place to have your supper .

So we had games and interactive actives .
Activities such as charade which we won ^^ .
Also a jigsaw puzzle game...
Which me and Amanda almost won...

But well it wasnt the winning that is important, it's the experience ^^

So of course at a place like Xinwang hk cafe .
We are there for supper so.....
There is loads of food lo !

Dishes after dishes...
Keep it coming~

because jaslyn is vegetarian most of the dishes that was serve to us she is not able to consume.
and thoughtfully they made their all time favourite "Thick toast" ~!

Sweet right?

so now you all know that xin wang hong kong cafe is open til 4am
and is in all 13 different outlets around singapore~

pictures with the lovely peeps who were also there~

The hosts that night was ladyironchef and misstamchiak !!!
our all time favourite tattoo blogger "Noel


Of course this post cannort be any lesser of me in it .

in the midst of the whole event we taking pictures with the owls and posting it on their FB wall.

want to see more ?
or get more info about Xin Wang ♥here

miss me~