Sunday, November 18, 2012

(Sponsored AD) Tagger

Ever thought about designing your own bag ?
wanting to have a unique bag that others would be wow by ?

Now you can Build your own bag™ with Tagger~

About Tagger~
Completely customizable and interchangeable.
Tagger bags: Dutch designed messenger bags and backpacks.
They are all about individual style and choice.
With a collection inspired by street art and culture, you can Build your own bag™ in just seconds by combining the parts.
The parts click, stick and zip (ZIP360°™), which allows you to (re)customize the bag at any time.

 Want to get a preview of what your bag will look like before buying ?
Of cos you can just simply visit their website ♥TaggerBags
Take a look at what i build on my own~
 I choice this design for the flap no specific reason why.
just that i really like it.
but i wasnt really into the all white options~
This is what i build out~
Nice right ?
like so cute please~
you can get different view of the bag so you'll have a better view of what you'll receive .

if you got sick of having the same accessories .
you can simply get new flaps, bag and even the straps .
These accessories are also sold separately~

If like me you are in singapore~
after payment made, the delivery time is about 2 weeks.
cos they need to ship it to you .

This is what i recieve .
To protect the awesome bag, its packed in a rather large box .
and i had a pleasant suprise~
another additional flap design and also a strap~

the size for this was perfect for me as i wouldnt want a bag too large for me to carry ard .
but if you wann a bigger size of course there is .
they have mainly 2 types of bags, messenger and the backpack .
basically for the messenger they are different in size,
whereas the backpack is mainly different with its' pattern of the bag .

My messenger bag look awsome and can even fit in quite a number of things~
even my god graciously thick text book
so what are you waiting for ?
simply go to their website and place and order now .

Just simply quote the promo code: VEHEMENCE to receive 15% discount .

hurry go Build your own bag™ now~

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