Thursday, November 8, 2012

Studies is driving me crazy

As most of you have heard .
I'm now studying at Smf formally known as Sma .

Taking the bridging course now and it's definitely killing me .
I can't go through economics !
I guess have to kill myself for that .

Totally gave up on the assignment.
Doubt i'll be acing the exam....

I guess I'll have to say the chances of retaking is higher deb ever .

Next course will be none other that principle of management....

Which i'll be attending alone....
Hopefully my eye candy is in the class .
Haiz .
But I doubt so...
If my memory doesn't fail me .
I think he mentioned taking one more before the one we met...

Pray hard will have more handsome de cutie pie .
Need motivation for class .
Lol !

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