Wednesday, December 26, 2012

a year coming to an end....

its really been awhile.
i guess i am simply lazy to blog....

life too boring to have any updates...

so 2012 is coming to an end....
going to welcome 2013 in just less than a week .

i'm more than happy to be counting down with my bitches .
hopefully without fail we'll have a full 4 this year .

shall see then....

anyway will be making my 2013 new year's resolution..

Christmas day was spent at Waikin's house with his friends and family
of course with Priscilla and Charmaine and Ben .

ate, chill, drank, played games, slack and see them act silly and drunk !

that night i had a great laugh til dawn .

Thanks to Waikin for inviting~ i had a hell loads of fun .
i'm going for a swim with priscilla and charmaine later this evening ^^

so as this year comes to an end...
my thoughts on 2012...


hahahaha .

what i learnt from 2012....

make wise choices to avoid regrets..
also to manage my finances better ^^

this means i have more savings than 2011.

just hope that 2013 will treat me and my parents well .
and all the best wishes to my readers and also to my friends and loved ones .

hope your 2012 is better than mine and 2013 will be better ^^

Monday, December 10, 2012

Updates lo ^^

It's been awhile huh .
I need to blog often... But now with school and work..

I'll try my best to blog with this blogger app .

So recently I got my nails done with Joycelyn .
I am extremely in love with doing my nails with her .

And recently I got my nails done with my first ever round tip with her .

Love it but I actually wanted it to be sharper .
So it wouldn't look too big .
But it wasn't as sharp as I want but still pretty .

Other than this, i'm actually thinking of getting hair extensions again.

But I'm afraid of the aftermath .
I dun wann to lose tons of my own hair :(

So still have yet to decide to do it or not .

Anyway Christmas is coming .
Are you guys getting ready for the celebration yet ?

I'm all ready to get gifts for my family and friends ^^

Will update soon ^^
Love you peeps .
Ciao, xoxo

Sunday, December 2, 2012

BFF ?!

Recently have been busy for me .
Been working an studying nonstop .
But everyone know that doesn't stop me for enjoying life .

So as the post title suggest..

I have started to question about friendships...
Are there really BFF ??
Like really in the forever kind ?

But I have to say this .
The friendship I thought I could have it last til I'm a old grandma is making me question .

Will that ever happen ?
I thought guys will be the ones who would break my heart.

But guess I was wrong .
Your best friend can equally break it as broken as a guy could do worse .

Would I be able to be someone's best friend if I don't care about the person's life ?

I really wonder.....