Monday, December 10, 2012

Updates lo ^^

It's been awhile huh .
I need to blog often... But now with school and work..

I'll try my best to blog with this blogger app .

So recently I got my nails done with Joycelyn .
I am extremely in love with doing my nails with her .

And recently I got my nails done with my first ever round tip with her .

Love it but I actually wanted it to be sharper .
So it wouldn't look too big .
But it wasn't as sharp as I want but still pretty .

Other than this, i'm actually thinking of getting hair extensions again.

But I'm afraid of the aftermath .
I dun wann to lose tons of my own hair :(

So still have yet to decide to do it or not .

Anyway Christmas is coming .
Are you guys getting ready for the celebration yet ?

I'm all ready to get gifts for my family and friends ^^

Will update soon ^^
Love you peeps .
Ciao, xoxo

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