Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ending of jan 2013

It's coming to an end to the first month of this new year .

How was your first month ?
Mine was...
Dun even wann to look back and think about it .

Mine's filled with regret and also some mixed emotions .
Can't have a good explaination .
But like I used to say recently...
Life moves on..

Going to post my new years resolution soon .
Couldn't decide on them...
Better late than never .

And cny is coming~
Ready for the ang baos ?
Done your new year shopping yet ?
I know I have .
All thanks to Priscilla I found this year's style

I guess I have nothing more to say now...
Love you peeps .

Thursday, January 10, 2013

2 weeks into the new year

miss me ?

how was your first two weeks of Jan 2013 ?

first week
mine was fun~
dunno how to say this but i went back partying last week .
kinda miss the nightlife .
but i guess age do contribute to why sometimes i'm too tired to club .

I know its rare for me to say this .
but i think i'm starting to get too old for clubbing le .
hahahas .

but i still love~ just maybe not always .
not like i use to go every week .

with the right company it is still super fun ^^

pictures speaks for me lo~