Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March of 2013

Haha .
It's been like what ?
One month since I last blogged !

I've said I would blog about my new year resolution .

So here I am blogging about it

My 2013 new years resolutions
1. To not fail any subject in school
2. To be able to find a job I love to work in
3. To able enjoy my life the way I wann it

That is about all .
Dun wann to be too greedy like previously .
In the end I wasn't able to archive most of them .

Decided to drop the driving license thingy for this year .
As I need the $$ now that I have loans to payback

Anyway I'm travelling down to get my pay before going to work today .
And two full shifts days waiting for me for the next two days .
Then by 15th will get my pay again .

Haha . Sound like a lot of pay to take .
But it's just so little and so not enough .
Anyway dun miss me too much will try to blog more ^^

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