Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New job and yet again

So most people know that I went for an interview just a week ago.
But little do know that I actually got that job .

Finally !!!!
I'm in the jndustry that I long to be a part of .
The events industry !
Would hope pray and love that this job could treat me well.

So I'll most probably be leaving my current two part time jobs .
I am still wondering why did I chose to work two jobs .

Anyway other than the job updates....
Some things I need to update..
Have been going out with Priscilla for almost every night for supper .
Gaining weight and hoping that it maintain and not go up .

So I'm back to intensive slimming .
Need to slim back down .
Should I be back on the medication ?
Or should I just try out on my own before I make any other decision ?

Ok !
It really suck buckets to be sick in this weather !
Kill me before my nose drop off !
So that's about it lo .
Miss me loads and I'll miss u .
Ciao peeps !!

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