Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dream job VS JOB

morning peeps !!!
it's been awhile since i last make a post in the morning lo .
and of course for the obvious reasons,it's because i am now at work .
hahaha .

blogging at work is supposed to be lessen as the time passes .
as i have yet to handle enough events .
but will work on that .
i'm half way through the first week of work lo .
as the week is ending...
i realise the job is more slack .
but i guess mainly because its my first week here
.so as time passes it would only get more and more busy .
which is something i'm happy about .

as for my current job environment....
not much of a politics yet .
but everyone pretty much mind their own business .
which i guess will not be too good for an organisation .
as what people would say individualism is very strong .
people are only doing what they need to do .
and not making effort to help out when requested .
so i guess i shall have to learn everything from scratch .
which this would be a good stepping stone for my career in the events' industry .
though i do not have the relevant certification .
but i believe my time here will be relevant in future job hunting .

so as the title suggest Dream job VS JOB
when it comes to dream job, everyone would have one in mind .
but are you currently working in that dream job of yours ?
or are you just working any other JOB ?
i used to work in all different lines just to find my interest .
even though i have always known that i love to be in the event planning industry .
but have failed to get in any .
so in order to support my studies and etc .
i have to get and job and earn some $$ .

my advice to people out there struggling with either life or work or even studies .
i would say hang in there .
think positive and life will work itself out .
i got to start thinking this way and i realise .
positive thinking do helps and contribute in a big part in your life .
so stay strong !!!

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