Monday, May 6, 2013

doubts and question

Its been awhile since i last blogged.

guess i wasnt that good at updating more frequent .
to be exact i had plenty of times in updating during the start of my work.

but i didnt know what to write about .
and do you guys know smth ?
i guess most should know .

I am attached already .
we just passed our 1 mth not so long ago .
and it wasnt that good .
we had tons of arguements on almost everything .

I simply felt that he doesnt really care about me .
but proven that i was wrong .
its just that i simply care more than he does .

how do you lessen or not care so much for one person ?
i cant think of a way .
and its actually killing me a little .

Thinking if i will simply kill this relationship with my thoughts and expectation .
now what i do is to not have too much of expectation anymore .
and it does helps a little .

but it doesnt solve the issues .
as i still feel he doesnt care enough about us, about being tgt .

maybe i'm wrong .
i wann and wish to be wrong too .
but what scares me the most is that if there is just 1% of this being true .
i'm afraid of what comes later .

Then ytd I was asking him if he thinks we could last for a year .
His reply was "I think so?"
With this hesitation make me wonder
If you have no confidence in lasting then why are we still tgt ?

But i guess if we really love each other enough then all these doubts and issues will be resolve.
wont it ?

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