Friday, May 17, 2013

Irregular blogging.

It has been getting pretty busy at work.
Just had my first talk which was not as expected.
it was too small.

I feel i could have done better.
but i comfort myself by saying there is too short of time for publicity.

In any case, life have been treating me quite fairly and tiring .
But on the other hand has given me a push in my areas of love .

Things is starting to look up between me and my dear boy .
Hopefully it will only get better and better .

I will be going to BKK soon and all i need to do is slim down more .
A goal which i have told myself to archieve since like forever /
But never couldnt .
hahahahaha .

so i will try my best now .
At least i have lose back to the weight i was before .

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