Friday, July 26, 2013

Bad luck hui hui

I have to say.... 
Most of the things that are happening in my life is not going my way at all. 

It started since.... 
I dunno when... 
I guess things just didn't went well and I'm affected by so many other things 
Attracting more and more negative events to happen around me . 

So now I keep telling myself . 
Everything will be fine. 
And things will turn out ok . 
Look at everything with a more positive prospect . 

After the total meltdown the other day . 
I am more or less sure of it 

My bad luck has run out . 
Thing will be better for me 
I will find an awesome job that pays me well and gives me good benefits and appreciate me . 

I will be able to cherish every love ones I have around me . 
Despite the arguments, I still love them truly . 

I will be able to be loved by someone who thinks I'm special and loves me for me despite my flaws and imperfections . 

Lastly, I will be able to flourish in whatever things I do and be successful and set a goal to not let others bring me down . 

The only person can bring me down is me and not others . 
So I shouldn't let others . 

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