Monday, August 26, 2013

Boring me is boring

It's been awhile... 
Too busy to keep updating social platform . 

Time passes so fast didn't it ? 
I'm already turning 22 . 

Gosh ! 
To think back so many things have happen . 
I have grown up as well . But I wan to be a lady . 
A super skinny one ! 

Always wonder would my life be better if I can slim down ! 
I believe I can . 

Dunno what else to update about le . 
So until next time ba . 

Monday, August 12, 2013


I'm back to rant lo~ 
Miss me ? 

My birthday is coming soon~ 
I am excited for that ! Hehe . 

But that is not the reason why I'm back here . 
I am back to share my confuse little lonely heart's feeling . 

I have been back in the market for like close to 3 months . 
Have my fair shares of eye candies, suitors and etc . 
Just when I thought I have given up, let go of him, reality shows me the truth . 

I would say I am disappointed in myself . 
Why couldn't I hold my stand, why am I so weak when it comes to this . 

We were both once a stranger to each other . 
Then we became friends, more then friends and lovers and no body and friends .

I thought I could see you as a normal guy friend like any other I have . 
But I am just deceiving myself . 

Lets not be strangers again . 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

When life gives you shit...

I am well aware of how screwed my life is right now.... 
But there was nothing much I could do to stop all those things from happening . 

But despite how shitty things get . 
I am glad that I have friends that care for me... 
Be there for me, hear me rants, cheer me up and of cos lend me a shoulder to cry on . 

Things are slowly picking up . 
And I really hope it will get better . 

I really wann to thanks my dear girl Priscilla for being there 100% despite she has no choice . Haha . 

Sharon, my dear HB for texting me despite we kind of lost contact . 

To also those who text and show me your care and concern . 
I'm grateful ! 

The old me will be back ! 
I promise ! 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Birthday month

It's a new month lo~~ 
It's the birthday months of Singapore and mine ! 
And of course my fellows Virgos and Leos ! 

Wishing everyone to have a great birthday month . 
Cause I just know it will be good . 

There is just so many things I wann to update but dunno where to start . 

Everything is coming to an end soon . 
And hopefully the next one I chose or fall for can treat me better 

Load of love from me ^^