Monday, August 12, 2013


I'm back to rant lo~ 
Miss me ? 

My birthday is coming soon~ 
I am excited for that ! Hehe . 

But that is not the reason why I'm back here . 
I am back to share my confuse little lonely heart's feeling . 

I have been back in the market for like close to 3 months . 
Have my fair shares of eye candies, suitors and etc . 
Just when I thought I have given up, let go of him, reality shows me the truth . 

I would say I am disappointed in myself . 
Why couldn't I hold my stand, why am I so weak when it comes to this . 

We were both once a stranger to each other . 
Then we became friends, more then friends and lovers and no body and friends .

I thought I could see you as a normal guy friend like any other I have . 
But I am just deceiving myself . 

Lets not be strangers again . 

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